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Valérie Ourset is an English/Spanish to French freelance translator with more than 3 years experience. She has previously worked for 16 years in a bank and as a language teacher in the UK. Languages have been the Ariane’s thread throughout her professional career and one of her passions. Food and any other subject related to it (e.g. nutrition, history, tourism) are another one. She is trained in translation of gastronomical texts and have now gathered some experience in the translation of food marketing/industry-related texts.

YourTerm FOOD Project on: European Cuisine and Gastronomy

Project Language(s): EN

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Elisa Paglia is a freelance translator from Italy specialized in chemistry, biology, and
environmental science. She holds a high school diploma as a laboratory technician and a BA in
Environmental Science from Urbino University. Her working languages are Italian and English.
She has many years of experience using English in international environments within different fields such as fashion, environment, trading, and marketing.
She is passionate about books, animals, traveling, and cooking. She also really likes making new experiences and learning something different every day.

YourTerm FOOD Project on: Food Safety

Project Language(s): IT

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Federica Papi has recently obtained her MA in Modern Languages for Communication and International Cooperation at the Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy, where her studies were focused on English and French specialized translation. She collaborated to many YourTerm projects and especially to YourTerm FOOD, given that her main interest is wine terminology and translation. Indeed, her MA thesis is titled “In vino traduco : terminologie du vin et localisation de sites web” and it includes 266 wine terminology records.

YourTerm FOOD Project on: Vitiviniculture

Project Language(s): IT – FR

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