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Get to the heart of economics and finance through terminology

The main objective of YourTerm FIN is to create multilingual glossaries on the domain of economics and finance, and to promote the harmonisation of economic terminology.

Economy plays a major role in our everyday life; it is essential not only for individuals, but also for societies, governments, enterprises and institutions. In nowadays’ changing and globalized world, it is paramount to have a clear and precise terminology, which responds to the linguistic needs arising from the constant global economic exchanges.

By classifying relevant terminology, FIN projects contribute to clarify and harmonise the communication among different communities and societies in the diversified and constantly changing economic and financial scenario.

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The FIN project has one sub-project:


Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance refers to any form of financial service integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of both clients and society at large.






Find and use the relevant terminology resources.


Consult the concepts and terms of the ongoing project and connect with the partners in the project.





Circular Economy in the EU: a Terminographic Investigation

Circular economy aims to move from linear economy by increasing the efficiency in product economy and limiting the environmental impact and resource wasting during production. Its development is highly encouraged due to the latest warnings about increasing waste pollution and the ever lower quantity of resources available naturally.

IATE Term of the Week: Green Finance

Green finance has several objectives: protect the climate, but also the biodiversity and limit the water pollution among other things. It consists in investing in projects to limit the carbon footprint and facilitate resilience of the people and goods who face difficulties related to climate change.

ECFIN (European Commission)

The Directorate‑General for Economic and Financial Affairs is the Commission department responsible for EU policies promoting economic growth and recovery, higher employment, stable public finances and financial stability.


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