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Juridical and Legal terminology

YourTerm JURI aims to collect relevant terminology in the field of justice and legal terminology. It will serve as a valuable resource for the harmonisation of international terminology, as well as a reliable source of country-specific information on legal and normative systems.

The project on juridical and legal terminology has several sub-projects:


Migration and Refugees

Migration phenomena are reshaping the social, economic and cultural geography of many nations worldwide. This sub-project includes useful terminology dealing with refugees and migration-related issues.

Global Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the most delicate issues of our societies. As terrorist violence increases and becomes more and more diversified, multilingual glossaries on this topic may provide further support in dealing with it.

Disarmament Treaties

Disarmament International Treaties aim at reducing and eliminating the number of weapons in the armed forces of a country. This terminology material analyses the principles of international law and international agreements on weapons of mass destruction that are conveyed by technical and specialised terminology.

Intellectual Property

The creations of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols and images used in commerce, are covered by the umbrella term “Intellectual Property”, which aims at fostering an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish. Considering its high value in today’s increasingly knowledge-based economy, companies are diligent when it comes to identifying and protecting intellectual property. Explore this terminology glossary, providing linguistic support for this specific domain.

Competition Law

Competition law is the body of legislation intended to prevent market distortion caused by anti-competitive practices on the part of businesses. In the United States, Canada and the European Union, competition law is also known as Antitrust law.


Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are explanations for an event or situation that invoke a conspiracy. In the political field conspiracy theories are numerous, coming from opposite political parties, and they have the power of involving and convincing common people and the theories become more and more spread around.


Find and use the relevant terminology resources.


Consult the concepts and terms of the ongoing project and connect with the partners in the project.






The combination of thought and feelings with the capability of new technologies and data availability became the most powerful weapon, available to almost anyone interested, increasing the potential of SIMAD.

Migration Data in Europe

A wide range of migration data is collected and disseminated in Europe at national and, sometimes, subnational level. Institutional and legal frameworks have been developed by the European Union (EU) with the aim of ensuring that migration data are of high quality, comparable across countries as a result of harmonization (as established in the legal basis) and easily accessible. A continuous process of political dialogue is in place to ensure that the frameworks keep pace with increased demands for information and knowledge.


The number of people seeking protection in Europe has grown in recent years. As conflicts other parts of the world fuel large-scale and protracted displacement, some refugees are seeking safety beyond the immediate region.


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