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Dictionary of Covid-19 terms

COVID-19 Language Guide DE-EN

Cochrane Glossary (EN)

Dictionnaire médical de l’Académie de Médecine – ver 2020 (FR) Académie nationale de Médecine

Drugs@FDA Glossary of Terms (EN), U.S. Food&Drug Administration

Glossaire des sigles (FR) Hôpitaux de Toulouse

Glossary of medical abbreviations (EN, ES), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Lexique des mots alternatifs (FR, terme médical-mot familier) Santé Montréal

Lexique des termes médicaux (FR) Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève

OncoTerm (EN, ES) LexiCon

Organ donation glossary (DE) University of Heidelberg, Germany

TERMCAT centre de terminologia glossary on: allergies, anatomy, integrated care, bioethics, cancer, health science, COVID-19, chronic diseases, skin, drugs, physiotherapy, environmental management, strokes, immunology, nursing, infectious deseases, metabolism diseases, minor diseases, neurology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, nuclear medicine, radiology, psychiatry, drugs and clinic research, mental diseases, food diseases, HIV, synology, vaccines, animal deseases.

Translators without Borders, TWB. There are two sets of glossaries. While the first set was created in the context of the European Refugee Response (ERR), the second one was created in the contexts of the Rohingya and the Northeast Nigeria crises. Both glossaries are in progress from a content and from a technical perspective, not because they have not been finalized yet, but because they are actively used in the context of evolving crises.

TriMED (IT, EN, FR) is a multilingual terminological database, which was conceived in order to tackle different problems related to the complexity of medical terminology in three languages: Italian, English and French.

In particular, the resource can be accessed by 1) patients, who can look for the equivalent of technical terms in a more familiar and comprehensible terminology; 2) translators, who can consult a structured terminological record providing a wide range of information in both source and target language; and 3) physicians, who, in terms of interoperability, can consult other useful medical resources such as MeSH terms, Snomed CT etc.

The work on the compilation of the records has been running since 2018 and, at the present time, we can give the following number of completed records per language: 263 for English, 132 for French, and 347 for Italian.

Finally, the resource was implemented by following the most recent ISO standards for the management of terminology and this fits with the FAIR data principles in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Varimed (EN, ES) VariMed is a medical terminology database designed by members from the LexiCon research group of the University of Granada, Rutgers University, and Carleton University. Their main objective is to study denominative variation as a cognitive and communicative phenomenon in medical discourse.

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Heymans Institute of Pharmacology and Mercator School (Department of Applied Linguistics, Belgium)

MEDES (ES) is a database that contains the references published since 2001 in about a hundred magazines on biomedicine and health sciences, published in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.


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