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FAO Fisheries Glossary
is a multidisciplinary and multilingual glossary aiming at a high quality, stand alone, illustrated, referenced, source of definitions related essentially to the field of responsible (sustainable) fisheries development and management (including science and technology).

FAO Glossary of aquaculture
is a multidisciplinary and multilingual glossary containing more than 2 900 terms, definitions, related terms, synonyms and images used in the aquaculture sector

Terminologie maritime et halieuthique (PDF), (FR) International Labour Organization,
This glossary includes some terms used in ILO’s tools, texts, and meetings about fisheries and maritime issues.

Other Resources

EMSA terminology on Maritime safety and ship construction (EN, IT, EL)
Conxemar’s Catalogue of Commercial Fishing Species, (EN, ES)
Conxemar is the Spanish association of 222 wholesalers, importers, manufacturers and exporters of fish products and aquaculture.

The catalogue contains 319 entries of fish, mollusc and crustacean species selected for their economic relevance. Each entry provides the user with the common name, binomial nomenclature and FAO code for each species. Together with a description and an illustration, it also includes the name of the species in several languages, taxonomical information and the fishing gear used for capture.
Featured contributors to this work are Professor Inmaculada Anaya Revuelta from University of Vigo and Mr Julio Valeiras Mota, researcher at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography.

Professor Inmaculada Anaya Revuelta contributed with 88 descriptions taken from her doctoral thesis titled Ictionimic Denominations: Semantic Study of a Prototype and the description model used in this catalogue.
Mr Julio Valeiras Mota contributed with the technical validation thanks to his expertise in marine biology.

ASFIS list of Species includes 12 771 species items selected according to their interest or relation to fisheries and aquaculture. For each species item stored in a record, codes (ISSCAAP group, taxonomic and 3-alpha) and taxonomic information (scientific name, author(s), family, and higher taxonomic classification) are provided. An English name is available for most of the records, and about one third of them have also a French and Spanish name.


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