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YourTerm JURI Project on: Global Terrorism

Project Language(s): EN – EL – DE

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Dr. Elpida Loupaki is an Assistant Professor in Descriptive Translation Studies & Terminology in the School of French at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She obtained her degree in French Language and Literature, and was awarded an MA in Professional Translation from the Institut de Traducteurs d’Interprètes et de Relations Internationales at Strasbourg University and finally obtained her PhD in Language and Communication from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is an ECQA certified Terminology Manager (Advanced Level) and participated in different European Research programs. From 2013, she had coordinated several IATE projects in cooperation with the TermCoord of the European Parliament and with WIPO Pearl.

She is now a member of the European Society for Translation Studies, of the Hellenic Society for Terminology and Secretary General of the Hellenic Society for Translation Studies.






Elisavet MAVRIDI

Grigorios PAVLIDIS


Degree Course: Joint Postgraduate Studies programme (J.P.P.S.) – Conference Interpreting and Translation

Course Unit: Terminology Management

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

YourTerm JURI Project on: Competition Law

Project Language(s): EN – EL

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Dr Vilelmini Sosoni is Assistant Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting at the Ionian University in Corfu, Greece, where she teaches Legal and Economic Translation, EU texts Translation and Terminology, Translation Technology, Translation Project Management and Audiovisual Translation (AVT). She taught Specialised Translation in the UK at the University of Surrey, the University of Westminster and Roehampton University. She also has extensive industrial experience having worked as translator, editor, subtitler and interpreter as well as communications expert for the Hellenic Parliament. She is a founding member of the Research Lab “Language and Politics” of the Ionian University and a member of its “Bioinformatics and Human Electrophysiology Lab”.
BA in Translation MA of Science in Translation

Valentina Koumoulou

Aikaterini Rosilovali

Konstantina Douli

Marina Fragkou

Dimitra Sachpatzidou

Eleni Karataraki

Katerina Konti

Nikoletta Hantziara

Eleni Rozou

Stavroula Giavasoglou

Marilena Koufogianni

Panagiota Gkikoudi

Aikaterini Pierropoulou

Antonia Ardamerinou

Evangelia Petridou

Georgia Revenikioti

Martyna Olhawa

Katerina Boutouridou

Panagiota Kyriazidou

Lambropoulou Meropi-Maria

Maria Tsanakalioti

Maria Christianou

Marina Theodorou

Marina Foti

Evangelia Mourtzanou

Degree Course: MA in the Science of Translation

Course Unit: Department of Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University (DFLTI), Corfu, Greece

YourTerm JURI Project on: Global Terrorism

Project Language(s): IT-FR

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YourTerm JURI Project on: Intellectual Property

Project Language(s): IT-FR

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YourTerm JURI Project on: Disarmament Treaties

Project Language(s): IT-FR

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Federica Vezzani is assistant professor – RTDa (non-tenured) – at the Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies of the University of Padua. Her main research interests are: Terminology, Terminography and Specialized Translation. In particular, she focuses on the management of multilingual terminology according to ISO standard for terminology, and she has developed the FAIR terminology paradigm for the optimal organization of findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable terminological data. 

Degree Course: Second cycle degree in Modern languages for communication and international cooperation.

Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies, University of Padua

YourTerm JURI Project on: Migration and Refugees

Project Language(s): ES

Project coming soon!

YourTerm JURI Project on: Global Terrorism

Project Language(s): EN-ES-FR-AR-DE

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Image result for carmen balbuena torrezano M. del Carmen Balbuena Torezano is a Professor in Translation Studies. She leads the research group Hum-947 “Text, Science and Translation” and has been the principal investigator and director of the research projects Minne-Lexikon: A Dictionary of Terms and Themes of Religious and Secular Lyrical Poetry in Middle Ages, and WeinApp: A Multilingual System for Information and Resources about Wine. She is also the founding editor and editor in chief of the academic journals Skopos and Estudios Franco-Alemanes, as well as the head of the international conference Congreso Internacional “Ciencia y Traducción”. At an international level she is in permanent and regular collaboration with the universities of Bologna, Innsbruck, and Düsseldorf.

Rodríguez Cruces, Isabel Clara

Macho Reyes, Cristina

Álvarez Torres, Elena

Crespo Ríder, Nuria

Ochoa Jiménez, Celia

Hidalgo Izquierdo, Gerard

El Hajra El Gharbi, Islam

Alcaide Luque, Nerea

Espina Jiménez, Ana María

Sorokina, Daria

Criado Cañuelo, M. Rosa

Jiménez Domínguez, Mar

Rubio Jiménez, Ana

Nieto Muñoz, Beatriz

González Rojas, María

Torres López, Paula

Moreno Madueño, José

Córdoba Romero, Miguel Ángel

Barrena González, María

Arroyo Labrador, María

Arroyo Ramírez, Cristina

Molina Amador, Alicia

Rojas Simón, Alberto

Touset Barcala, Raquel

Luca de Tena Barreiro, Aruna-Chala

Rodríguez Corral, María Teresa

Díaz Santervás, Elena

Fernández Palma, Marina

Ruiz Ruso, Antonio David

Gil de Montes Garín, Lucía

Córdoba Sánchez, Ana

González Lendínez, Raquel

García Nieto, Victoria

Mancera Barba, Pablo

Cuevas Salguero, Estrella


Degree Courses: BA in Translation and Interpreting, MA in Specialized Translation

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, University of Córdoba

Experts (Research Group HUM´947: Text, Knowledge and Translation)

·         Aguilar Camacho, M. del Carmen

·         Castellano Martínez, José María

·         El Herch, Sabah

·         González Rodríguez, María Jesús

·         Montes Sánchez, Alba

·        Cristina Rodríguez, Faneca

·         Ana Rubio Jiménez

·         Cristina Huertas Abril


YourTerm JURI Project on: Global Terrorism

Project Language(s): PT

Project coming soon!

Rui Sousa-Silva is assistant professor of the Faculty of Arts and researcher at the Linguistics Centre (CLUP) of the University of Porto, where he also conducts his research. He has a first degree in Translation and a Masters in Terminology and Translation, both awared by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, and a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University (Birmingham, UK), where he submitted his thesis on Forensic Linguistics: ‘Detecting Plagiarism in the Forensic Linguistics Turn’. He studied cross-cultural attitudes to plagiarism, and proposed an approach to translingual plagiarism detection. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Masters in Translation and Language Services of the University of Porto (Member of the EMT – European Masters in Translation network and co-editor with Professor Malcolm Coulthard of the international bilingual journal Language and Law / Linguagem e Direito

Degree Course:

Course Unit: 

Department of Portuguese and Romance Studies, Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto

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