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The European education and training policy glossary (PDF) was made by the European Center for the Development of Vocational Training. It is a glossary of key terms used in the validation of non-formal and informal learning.

The Children’s rights glossary (PDF) was made by Unicef. It provides lists of relevant terms, with a complete definition. It is complete in the sense that it has also legal terms related to education and rights. Therefore, it mixes the various topics linked to childhood.

The European education glossary (PDF) provides one hundred terms in six languages. It is complete given it gives a definition of each concept in the six used languages. Its focus is to provide a solid base to understand the main terms linked to European policies on education and training

The glossary on education terms (PDF) is written only in English and provides terms that are related to the British system of education and defines them.

The glossary of Unicef (Word) is a source which gathers various concepts related to childhood, with a legal perspective. It defines the terms in English, and gives synonyms.

The OCR glossary of education terms (PDF) has useful information about the various types of qualification and diplomas in the British education system. It provides a short definition in English of the many acronyms that we can find in the field of schools and Universities.

The thesaurus on European education (PDF) is a project that the European agency for education, Cedefop, constructed on the long term. It is one of the most elaborated tools given it gathers more than two thousand terms.

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Other Resources

The Bologna declaration (PDF) has been a key document to harmonizing the education systems in the countries in the European Union. It has promoted the mobility of students and researchers all across Europe, to make people of different origins meet and know each other better.

The Magna Charta Universitatum (PDF) is an official document signed in Bologna, Italy. It underlines the fact that Universities across Europe have to collaborate in order to improve knowledge. It underlines also that freedom in research and mobility of teachers and students are essential to ensure that Universities maintain their role.

The Structure of the European Education Systems (PDF) gives an overview of the education systems in Europe. It provides statistics and interesting information.

The lexique of the University of Mons is written completely in French. It is brief, but gives information on the Belgian education system.

The Convention of Lisbon was a step forward to bring together people who make studies in Europe. It has made official that a diploma obtained in a European country is also valid in another country of the Union which are not too technical.


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