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The FOCUNA glossaire (PDF) is a French glossary and it lists terms related to art and culture.
To be more precise, it is about the practical aspects that have a link with cultural or artistic projects and initiatives. It describes the concepts only in French.

The glossary of cross-cultural terms (PDF) provides definition of complex concepts in English.
It is about the relations between the people of various countries and backgrounds. The terms are about identity and evolutions among other things.

The glossary of key terms on culture (PDF) is edited by the Council of Europe. This glossary provides quite detailed definitions of important concepts. They are about issues related to civic education, respect and tolerance among people.

The glossary on cultural awareness (PDF) provides terms in English. It is brief, but it lists relevant concepts about cultural diversity and integration of people.

TERMCAT centre de terminologia glossary on: arts, circus, musical genres, photography, musical instruments, sport, archeology.


Other Resources

One Look
and The Free Dictionary comprehend various words that are part of a more general language. However, they can be useful to find some concepts related to culture which are not too technical.

The e-book Racontez-moi la culture européenne is a collection of interviews to professionals in the field of European culture.

Discover inspiring cultural heritage from European museums, galleries, libraries and archives by visiting Europeana.

Consult the Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA), a set of guidelines for the description of art, architecture, and other cultural works.

Discover Canadian and international reaserch tools, including databases, directories and portals containing heritage, museum, archival and bibliographical resources.

Consult the ISO 5127:2017 Foundation and vocabulary, the ISO standard for terminology


Consult the concepts and terms of the ongoing project and connect with the partners in the project.


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