Interview with European Culture Personalities
ISIT students Eva Gozlan, Noémie Lefèvre and Antinéa Lombard, in collaboration with TermCoord, have interviewed personalities from France, Spain, Germany and Italy about their cultural work and contributions. The cultural interview project of Eva, Noémie and Antinéa (Master 2 – Intercultural Communication and Translation students at ISIT, the Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication) aims to illustrate European cultural diversity and all its dimensions. They interviewed the respondents to express their vision of European culture and its different forms such as music, theatre, dance, painting, cinema, sculpture and literature.

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Eva, Noémie and Antinéa chose different geographical areas and different artistic disciplines in order to present an image representative of European cultural diversity. By interviewing festival directors, publishers, organisers and museum directors, they intended to find out more about the respondents’ intercultural and multilingual issues they have to deal with throughout their work.

The cultural events that these personalities help organise are of different scopes. In addition, the events do not reach the same audience. With the interviews, the aim is to show how an event is organised where cultures meet and mix, and what links the different cultures within Europe. The interviews also outline common cultural aspects, show how each culture is diverse and how culture expresses itself through the arts.

Translation and adaptation of content for each culture is a big focus point in the interviews as Eva, Noémie and Antinéa are students of intercultural communication and translation. Therefore, they look closely at the communication strategies between cultures as the goal of all these events is to link cultures together. It is interesting to see how the interviewees organize the events while considering intercultural and multilingual issues.

You can see all the interviews Eva, Noémie and Antinéa did in their ebook Tell Us About European Culture (in French). You can also check out all the projects done by students of the ISIT University, in collaboration with the Terminology Cordination Unit, and other TermCoord interviews right here.

February 27, 2020 9:00 am

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