Written by Stine Jensen, Terminologist at TermCoord

This article is the first in a series of articles about the latest developments in our new collaborative project, Terminology Without Borders. It is a new initiative to keep you updated on all the latest developments in the project.

Terminology Without Borders has its origins in YourTerm Medical and sprung from a newly established collaboration with Translators Without Borders (TWB) and a visit to the University of Vigo that revolutionized the medical project, expanding it to fisheries, (YourTerm Mare), Education (YourTerm Education) and Women’s Rights (YourTerm FEMMrights).

The medical event is based on earlier research by our former terminology trainees, Dr. Olga and María Isabel Bolívar Perez, members of the research group, LexiCon.

To read more about the theory behind this project,
please consult the original article about YourTerm Medical here.  

Dr. Olga Koreneva in collaboration with our current trainee, Santiago Chambó, are currently working on such an event for all branches of Terminology Without Borders.

The philosophy behind Terminology Without Borders as a whole is to meet the immediate terminological needs of its target groups, among them TWB, and help them carry out their international missions more effectively by creating a unique terminology which will ease the communication between them. In case of YourTerm Medical, the project will not only address adults, but will also include specific terminology for children.

To that effect, we have a new terminology trainee, Julia Pagès, who has come from one of the collaborating universities in YourTerm Medical, Paris Diderot University, specifically to work on this project. Currently she is working on the specific terminology for children.

The long-term goal of Terminology Without Borders is to offer terminology in an app that can work offline and serve agents operating within the fields covered by the project, who need this specific terminology covered by the project. This is why the new project platform, yourterm.eu, was set up which is now the main platform for this project.

In an attempt to meet the needs of TWB in emergency situations, the medical project therefore expanded to the areas of health: education (YourTerm Education) and women’s rights (YourTerm FEMMrights). This has only been a result from the collaboration with one collaborator, TWB, however the envisaged target groups for YourTerm Medical, Education and FEMMrights furthermore comprehend universities and organisations, like MSF and MDM, and for YourTerm Mare EU and UN agencies and any other agent operating within the fishing industry, from the fisherman and customer in a restaurant to the policy maker. Therefore, the project could potentially be further extended to other areas in the future in line with its philosophy.


While the other branches of Terminology Without Borders will be kept separate for the time being from the terminology database, IATE, YourTerm Mare will be integrated to our terminological database as this terminology is highly used and relevant to the EU terminology. The universities participating in this project have already received their terms and the work has begun!

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